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Welcome to my calligraphy website! I was a calligrapher for many years and am delighted to share with you some of my artistic explorations. These days, I’m exploring the virtue-happiness connection and invite you to join me in this new adventure -- visit to find out what’s happening there!

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“Meditation: Fruit”

Meditation: Fruit

2005 - Oil on paper - 25" x 19"
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AT AGE FIVE I wanted so much to write that I pestered an older playmate into teaching me. When I was seven, I took apart a little paper umbrella to find a tiny roll of Japanese newspaper inside. As I unrolled it, the magical characters were clearly trying to tell me something, but what? I ran to my parents and was told that only a Japanese person could read what it said. I daydreamed about a little girl my age on the other side of the world who could read and understand the tantalizing text. How I longed to know what it said! Meanwhile, the angular characters, lined up like little soldiers, spoke to me of an exotic world that sparked my imagination. This began a life-long fascination with the written word.

AFTER YEARS OF STUDYING classical Western writing, I began to explore the possibilities of writing as an expressive art. The moving lines and the shapes they leave in their wake work together to speak a new language. Like lines of music, they can express all that is human. These paintings show what words do on their day off. By its very nature, writing implies communication between one person and another, and so it is compelling — we long to know what it says, even if the meaning is just out of reach. Even if we cannot literally read it, writing can speak to us in a way beyond words, causing us to “read” the text in a new way.

ARTISTS HAVE ALWAYS PAINTED THEIR SURROUNDINGS. Today we are surrounded by words that state facts; that demand something from us. I paint words that allow for wonder and mystery.


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